Thursday, January 3, 2013

L'Opera Ristorante Italiano, Revisited ♥ ♥


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While everyone starts the year by cutting back on food, we go full fledge carb-loading the very second night of the year. 

NOPE, Two Thousand Thirteen and my 8-lb weight gain over the holidays ain't gonna stop me.

I love my Fatterside cousins and their undying support. 



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Us in black! Only when the parents are away. Ssshhhh!!! :P



We had 3-4 orders each of the following dishes:


IMG 0633

Breads and spreads



IMG 0630

Carpaccio di Polpo - thinly sliced steamed octopus dressed in limone and extra virgin olive oil



IMG 0636

Carpaccio di Filetto di Manzo con Rucola alla Toscana - thin slices of beef tenderloin on a bed of
fresh rucola topped with fresh Parmigiano. This was good, except they gave us lettuce instead of
arugula. I don't like lettuce. 



IMG 0637

Involtini di Prosciutto con Asparagi e Funghi - rolled parma ham filled with sauteed mushrooms 
and fresh asparagus. This looked so simple but tasted rather beautiful.



IMG 0641

Zuppa di Cipolle Toscana - onion soup the old Tuscan way. Meh.



IMG 0643

L'Opera - house pizza with sliced salami, anchovies, blue cheese, pomodoro and mozzarella.
Lacking in punch, but nothing a sprinkling of chili flakes can't fix.



IMG 0646

Taglierini al Profumo di Tartufo in Camicia di Prosciutto - thin egg noodles in truffle sauce
wrapped in prosciutto. My all time favorite in L'Opera.



IMG 0649

Linguini Salmone e Caviale - linguine with Norwegian smoked salmon and caviar in a light
cream sauce



IMG 0654

Rigatoni alla Ysabel - large tube pasta with Italian sausages and mushroom in cream sauce



IMG 0656

Tortelli d' Anatra al Profumo di Tartufo - homemade duck-filled ravioli in truffle sauce 


 (Oh yeah, in case you haven't noticed, when I do the ordering, expect 80% of the food to be either creamy or truffley or both creamy and truffley! :P)



IMG 0657

 Spaghetti alla Pescatora - classic Tuscan spaghetti with fresh seafood in Italian tomato sauce



IMG 0653

Carre' d' Agnello alla Romana - grilled lamb chops in light vinaigrette balsamico



IMG 0639

 Tonight's red



IMG 0660

Raspberry Cheesecake - the no-bake, jello kind. Tasted like moist marshmallow. Eew.



IMG 0661

Tiramisu - my love



IMG 0662

Chocolate Mousse - no fail



IMG 0664

Panna Cotta with honey truffle syrup and balsamic vinegar - WOW!



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Gifts for exchanging



Not as if we didn't already have too much carbs, but...



After dinner, we moved to Scarlet for drinks and more :P



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See my previous L'Opera post here

L'Opera Ristorante Italiano: The Fort Entertainment Complex, 26th Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Tel: +632 889 3963

L'Opera Website


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