Friday, January 25, 2013

Kashmir, Revisited ♥ ♥ ♥


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A week after a very simple dinner at Atelier 317, we celebrate Mom's birthday again, this time with everyone.

I picked Kashmir because it is my favorite Indian restaurant in the city.

Of course, I asked everyone to come in Indian fashion. :)


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Mom had violent reactions about wearing a maang tika. She complained that it would ruin her bangs.
Well, guess what? Her stubborn daughter always gets her way! :P



Appetizers were served at the tables:

IMG 2055

Hummus with Pita - traditional Middle Eastern dip made with chickpeas tahina, olive oil
and lemon juice



IMG 2057

Vegetable Samosas - deep fried triangular pastry stuffed with potatoes and green peas



IMG 2078

 Chicken Shawarma



IMG 2052

Other dishes were served buffet style



IMG 2063

Chicken Kashmiri Yakni - my favorite with lots and lots of calamansi



IMG 2087

 Bundi Raita - softened lentil balls in seasoned yogurt dip



IMG 2065

Kashmiri Rogan Josh - tender mutton pieces cooked in rich gravy of spices and herbs



IMG 2067

Machhli Masala - fillet of lapu-lapu cooked in freshly ground spices and curry sauce



IMG 2068

Tandoori Murgh - spring chicken marinated in yogurt, garlic and ginger with a combination of
special spices and grilled in a special tandoor oven 



IMG 2072

Palak Paneer - fresh cottage cheese and spinach simmered in tangy, creamy gravy



IMG 2074

Dahl Chana - whole Bengal lentils cooked over slow fire with spices, herbs and butter



IMG 2060




IMG 2086

Raan E Taj - whole leg of mutton cooked in authentic northwest frontier style 



IMG 2117

 Gulab Jammu - golden fried balls of milk pastry soaked in sweet saffron syrup




The bottles



IMG 2150

The birthday cakes (clockwise from top left): Everyday Mom Cafe Mocha Cake, Hizon's Mocha Cake,
Becky's Kitchen Prune Cake, Ensaymada Cake, Sweet Bella Strawberry Charlotte,
my cousin Nikko's homemade Pistachio Saffron Cheesecake, Diamond Hotel Baked Cheesecake



IMG 2160

 Mom taking foreverandever with her birthday wishes (again!!!)



IMG 2189

The most-awaited part of the night: Attacking the cake buffet!!!



IMG 2193

We did a pretty good job as always


Thank you everyone for celebrating with us! :)

May I now present to you… drum roll, please...



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IMG 2141


IMG 2142


IMG 2136


IMG 2132

I love my sister Jamie's attire!



IMG 2144

The Grandmother Chindian :)



IMG 2119

Mom prepared her own birthday giveaways this year. She bought lucky charms for the
Year of the Snake. Cannot get the Chinese out of her, can you? :P



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 Happy Birthday, Mommy!!! Sorry for messing up your bangs! :P


Kashmir: Merchants Center Building, Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila. Tel: +632 524 6851

Kashmir Website

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