Friday, December 14, 2012

Mehmet's Kebab House ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 9359


The place looks a bit off from the outside, and I don't know whether the restaurant is called Combos Bread Company or Turkish Restaurant or Mehmet's Kebab House. There are different signs that say different things.  


IMG 9332

But the menu says Mehmet's Kebab House and menus don't lie so that's what I'm gonna
call it - Mehmet's Kebab House



IMG 9357

The kebab house is actually quite nice (and very, very red) inside.
We were the only customers on a Sunday night. This kinda worried Mom.



IMG 9331

The undefined object hanging from the ceiling worried her, too. She was scared of it.
"Parang spider web." (Huh??????) 



IMG 9336

We had Hummus and Spinach Meze to start. Mom tried to keep her voice down to a whisper,
but the server heard her comment, "Bakit amoy kilikili?"
She ended up eating the most, mind you. 



IMG 9333

The mezes came with freshly baked chewy pita bread topped with 5 stainless teaspoons



IMG 9346

Lentil Soup - highly recommended by our server. Turned out it was the only soup available that night.
Turned out it was really good soup! Hearty, aromatic with a hint of heat. I will come back just for this. 



Except when I come back I will order not just the soup. Everything we had was very good!

I was surprised and rather impressed.

(Also Mother, the #1 Complainer.)


IMG 9347

Shawarma Plate with Rice - very tasty lamb pieces on a bed of rice, served with tomatoes, onions,
yogurt and special sauce. Mix everything together and let the flavors explode in your mouth.



IMG 9350

Shrimp Pasta - perfectly cooked ribbon pasta with baby shrimps tossed in yogurt and special sauce.
Tangy, creamy and buttery. 



IMG 9351

Chicken Kebab in Bread



Dad and Benjie were talking about the Pacquiao fight, and I said I wanted to order baklava.

Mom: Ha? Bakla ba si Manny?

Mommy, anobaaaaahhhhh?????

Anyway, the baklava, like many other things on the menu, was out of stock.



IMG 9356

So we ended up with this chocolate pudding thing made with carabao milk and
topped with Turkish ice cream



IMG 9342

Homemade yogurt



IMG 9340

Turkish coffee



IMG 9353

Looking forward to more Sunday dinners here


Mehmet's Kebab House: 5911-B Matilde Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati. Tel: +632 553 3371

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