Monday, December 10, 2012

Hairy Crab Galore, The Continuation ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Not that we fatty-o's did not indulge enough (see evidence here and here), but guess what we brought back from Hong Kong this trip?


IMG 8392

Four boxes or forty precious pieces of...



IMG 8414

HAIRY CRABS!!!!!!!!!!!



IMG 8417

Hello again, my friend!



IMG 8422

Just to make sure we do not suffer any withdrawal symptoms, as soon as we arrived Manila, 
we went straight from the airport to Auntie Babie's house to continue what we had been doing
the last few days - overeating and preying on these babies...



IMG 8401


IMG 8412


IMG 8424



We had other food, too.


IMG 8496

Coconut crabs



IMG 8508

Abalone the size of my fist



IMG 8404

Gigantic prawns the size of my hand



IMG 8512

Suahe the size of… well, regular suahe, hehe



IMG 8506

Abalone mushrooms



IMG 8408

Plump and juicy oysters with shredded ginger



IMG 8403




IMG 8514

Lap cheong fan (preserved sausage rice)



IMG 8416

Local puto



IMG 8427

Hong Kong puto



IMG 8431

Supermoist chocolate cupcakes by Cindy
(Call 0917-8499696 to order. I promise you'll love it!) 



IMG 8517

Iced Horlicks



IMG 8437

"The secret to hairy crab happiness is to devour all the good fatty parts first and
announce that you are too full to eat even one piece of leg." - jinlovestoeat :P



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