Saturday, November 24, 2012

Torigin ♥ ♥ ♥


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We were just walking around Ginza when we spotted this small restaurant and suddenly our tummies felt like they needed some chicken yakitori nourishment.



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Torigin was quite busy that night. We were lucky to get seats at the bar.



IMG 7265

It was actually the best seat in the house because you get to see all the kitchen action



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There's an English menu for tourists like us




Or you can just point at all the skewers you like




Torigin uses charcoal to grill the meats. No wonder they taste extra flavorful!




I saw most people in the room enjoying this drink so I ordered the same thing for myself




It was sake with salted plum. Yummy stuff.



IMG 7274

Yakitori (chicken), hasami-yaki (chicken with shishito green peppers),
sunagimo-yaki (chicken gizzards)


IMG 7272

Motsu-yaki (chicken giblets) and ginnam-yaki (gingko nuts) 



IMG 7276

Tebasaki-yaki (chicken wings) and torikawa-yaki (chicken skin)



IMG 7279

Tsukune-yaki (chicken meatballs)



IMG 7281

Aspara-bacon-yaki (grilled bacon rolled with asparagus) 



IMG 7294

I like to sprinkle a dash of chili on my skewers



IMG 7298




IMG 7288

Torigin is famous for Kamameshi which means "kettle rice"
They start cooking the rice together with your choice of ingredients only when you order it. 
(And that's why we had all the sticks - to keep ourselves busy while waiting for this)



IMG 7289

We picked the Gomoku Kamameshi which had everything on it - chicken, shiitake mushrooms,
bamboo shoots, and shrimps. It was so tasty down to the last grain of rice!



IMG 7285

Jin loves Torigin! Sarap to the bones! :P


Torigin: 5-7, 5-chrome, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Tel: +81 3 3571 3333

Torigin Website


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