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Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Meiji Shrine is one of the places I love visiting in Tokyo. Even with all the tourists and locals, it remains so quiet, so peaceful, and so lush.

The Shinto shrine was built in memory of Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken who were said to visit this garden frequently.




Torii or a traditional Japanese gate is said to mark the transition of a place from profane to sacred




It is lovely to walk through this forest lined with 120,000 trees of 365 different species donated
by people from all over Japan and overseas when the shrine was established in 1920



IMG 5677



IMG 5682









IMG 5694



IMG 5698



Traditional Shinto weddings are still held here. I was so lucky to have witnessed these solemn ceremonies each of the two times I visited the shrine.

One day it will be my turn. ;)



The wedding procession is led by two priests and two shrine maidens


 IMG 5701

The newlyweds walk under a red umbrella, followed by their family and friends



My favorite part of Meiji Shrine is this area where you write down your heart's prayers and wishes on wooden tablets called "ema" and hang them around the camphor tree.


IMG 5710

I could stay here all day reading the tablets. So much honesty, gratitude,
hope and love in one place!



IMG 5711

I wrote down my own prayers and wishes but there's no way I'm going to share them here! :P



IMG 5712

 I hope that I will get good marks for PSLE and go to a good school!!! :)



IMG 5714

 May we be happy (& rich & healthy) together always!



IMG 5720

 I love this one: With gratitude for this most beautiful life we are so lucky to live. For my father,
may he be in good health and happy during these years that he has so looked forward to.
May he walk me down the aisle and know my Jimmy. May they see themselves in each other
the way I do. Today & Always.



IMG 5716

Umm… Ano daw??? 



Just next to Meiji Shrine is Yoyogi Park. You MUST come here on a Sunday!!!

Look at all the dancing Elvis Presleys, French maids, superheroes, video games and manga characters, school girls, sexy ladies, vampire brides...

Welcome to the wackiness that is Japan!


IMG 5725






IMG 5730



IMG 5731



IMG 5734



IMG 5738



IMG 5744



IMG 5747



IMG 5749



IMG 5750



IMG 5751



IMG 5752



IMG 5756



IMG 5760






IMG 5761









IMG 5762



IMG 5772



IMG 5766



IMG 5775

I can imagine it must have been traumatic for these Janes and Joes :P



IMG 5754




IMG 5755

The girl looked really freaky (and hungry) like she was gonna eat me alive!




 So I got my free embrace from her partner who didn't look at me like I was a newly roasted lechon :P




The park is bustling with activities



IMG 5782

 Yet it is also so serene



IMG 5779

 People and pets come here to relax



IMG 5780

And cuddle 



IMG 5814

And just share quiet moments with each other 



IMG 5789

There is live music



IMG 5812

 People dancing



IMG 5819

Queer people dancing



IMG 5821

 Dog showing off his skateboarding skills! Whoa!



IMG 5776

And then it's eating time!



IMG 5785

Yakiniku rice burger



IMG 5799

Omelette with fried noodles



IMG 5809

I found a quiet spot



IMG 5810

 With amazing view and colors



IMG 5805

And started stuffing my face. I love Japanese carbs!!!


Meiji Shrine Website 

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