Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chops Chicago Steakhouse ♥ ♥


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You know, we don't just eat for fun.

We eat because we want to continually challenge ourselves, our guts.

Eating builds strength and character. (And weight. But weight is just a number. Strength and character are most important.)



IMG 7529

And we are not called The Fatterside for nothing



Tonight's challenge is...


IMG 7535

(Insert expletives here)
Double angus beef burger, bacon strips, pulled braised shortribs in mushroom sauce,
sharp cheddar cheese, seared foie gras, butter and bone marrow spread



IMG 7539

I am happy to report that the burger is heavy with beef (too heavy, but a girl needs her iron).
My favorite part is the cheesy shortribs. The foie gras and bacon do not require any explanation.



IMG 7530

Not that we need more heart-clogging action, but the burger comes with beer battered
onion rings and parmesan fries. Both are too bready, I recommend you to skip.



We also polish off the following:


IMG 7522

Breads - a bit stale but still pretty good



IMG 7526

Four Cheese Oysters - rather boring



IMG 7545

Dark Chocolate Cigars - these are merely glorified barquillos covered in chocolate and
filled with cream



IMG 7556

I am not gonna eat



IMG 7558

I promise, I am not gonna eat :P


Chops Chicago Steakhouse: 4th Level, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati. Tel: +632 945 8088

Chops Chicago Steakhouse Facebook Page


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