Friday, October 12, 2012

Train from Nice to Lyon


IMG 1443

UGH. Apparently, elevators are not a big thing here.



IMG 0555

But clumsy me made it to the platform in one piece. Goodbye, Nice!



IMG 0550

The TGV is a fast and convenient way to travel around France.
My trip from Nice to Lyon took 4 hours 27 minutes. 



IMG 0549

Seats are spacious and comfortable. This booth is perfect if you are traveling in a group.



My assigned seat was on the upper deck, but since it was empty downstairs and I didn't wanna struggle with my luggage up another flight, I just settled on a random chair.



IMG 0558

Still I went up because...



IMG 0559

… the food is here!



IMG 0561

You can sit at the bar with other people



IMG 0568

Or be anti-social and take pleasure in your aloneness.
I had a carrot salad, croque monsieur, tiramisu and two bottles of water. 



IMG 0572

The tiramisu was really good!



Slept like a baby the rest of the trip.


IMG 0597

Hello, Lyon! :)


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