Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pwa Tiong Chiu Dinner


Because I lived away from home the last 10 or so years, I never got to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with my family in Manila.

This year is the first time and I was pretty excited about it.

As expected, it was…



IMG 5726

Fitting 5 tables, 50-something people, and all the dice game prizes in Auntie Kiddie's dining room
was not a simple feat



IMG 5758

We set up the buffet outside and ate hovering around the spread



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Standing, chewing, swallowing and talking (without spitting food) all at the same time is
not easy, but each Fatterside member has proudly mastered the art 



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IMG 5733

Hot Prawn Salad



IMG 5734

Fried Fish and Corn Soup



IMG 5736




IMG 5735

Fried Chicken



IMG 5755

Pancit Canton



IMG 5737

Fried Rice



IMG 5739

And the main event, Ulcing's Cebu Lechon



IMG 5743

Extremely tender and flavorful meat



IMG 5746

Crispy, glistening skin



IMG 5769

Working on the second pig



IMG 5771

See the lechon juices flow



IMG 5761

Mary Grace Mango Cake



IMG 5762




IMG 5765

Bananas, saba and rambutan



IMG 5754

Nikko baked Calamansi Muffins



IMG 5779

And brownies that made some of us really happy



IMG 5783

We moved around tables, compared notes, invented our own rules, picked our own prizes...
It was a jungle, and we were wild and happy animals :)



IMG 5787

The helpers had their own fun, too



IMG 5801

The manongs and manangs picked their own prizes and all went home happy :)



Ulcing's Cebu Lechon: A-Q6 JUSMAG, Southside, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Philippines. 
Tel: +632 497-7957, +63919-3613291, +63908-9331414 

Ulcing's Cebu Lechon Facebook Page

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