Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elias ♥ ♥


IMG 7041



And who says girls can't eat like men?

Real women, they can outeat any Channing Tatum. 

Watch us and believe.


IMG 7029

A little cornicks while waiting



IMG 7027

Enseladang Erehe - kamatis, mangga, sibuyas, bagoong
To whet the appetite 



IMG 7030

Caracol - ginataang kuhol with kangkong
Coconuty snail love. I drink the juices. 



IMG 7032

Mi Ultimo Felicidad - chicharon bulaklak, bituka ng baboy, balat ng manok
Heart attack on a plate, but it's so worth it! The first of the dishes we wiped out.



IMG 7034

Tiago's Triumph - oysters with spinach and bacon



IMG 7036

Sisig Lengua - ox tongue sisig style
So tender and creamy 



IMG 7039

Sinang con Laing - gabi leaves with coconut cream
Looks a mess, but what a delicious mess!



IMG 7040

San Lucas - grilled panga ng tuna
Our yummy attempt to be healthy 



IMG 7038

Garlic rice. Because real women love carbs.



IMG 7044

Cremoso - creamy buko pandan



IMG 7046

Ube Cake



IMG 7047

The bill came in this wooden chick



IMG 7037

Human chicks. Har har har :P


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