Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Les Halles de Lyon ♥ ♥ ♥


It was drizzling and freezing on my last morning in Lyon. But I braved the public bus system, got off at the wrong stop, got lost, got hot chocolate from McDonald's because I couldn't stand the cold, got panicky, almost gave up but thankfully didn't... before I finally found Les Halles de Lyon. Whew.

I was searching all over for a market that looked like this


IMG 1437

Didn't know the most famous food attraction in Lyon was hidden inside this uninviting,
cold-looking glass structure



IMG 1440

Les Halles de Lyon is an indoor market (I know that now, hee hee!) with about 60 food traders. 
Feels like a boutique market with stalls and stalls of everything I've ever wanted to eat in France.



Cheeses, meats, terrines, breads, oysters, salads, pastries, macarons, jamon, fresh fruits, dried fruits, CHOCOLATES… I was besotted!!! 


IMG 1450


IMG 1461


IMG 1468


IMG 1473


IMG 1474


IMG 1475


IMG 1482


IMG 1484


IMG 1463


IMG 1490


IMG 1506


IMG 1491


IMG 1480


IMG 1492


IMG 1496


IMG 1518


IMG 1517



Each stall was mesmerizing and the choices were endless. I felt like a little child on Christmas eve.

I had:


IMG 1447

From Rolle...


IMG 1458

Tartar de saumon et petits légumes and mousse de foie gras amandes pistaches



IMG 1451

From Sibilia...


IMG 1529

Rosette tranchee


IMG 1530

Pate en croute au foie gras


IMG 1534

Jambon Persille



IMG 1509

From Giraudet...


IMG 1516

Soups in bottles!


IMG 1546

I chose the Pink Soup, because it was pink! It was chilled and tasted of apples and beets.


IMG 1551

Sliced squid ink quenelle (because it went beautifully with the pink)


IMG 1553

Strawberry cupcake



IMG 1478

From La Mere Richard...


IMG 1479

My favorite Saint Marcellin cheese


IMG 1588

So soft, gooey, creamy, silky, mushroomy, truffly, earthy.
I was so happy I wanted to cry.



IMG 1521

This is paradise! :)



Les Halles de Lyon: 102 Cours Lafayette, Lyon, France 


Elias ♥ ♥


IMG 7041



And who says girls can't eat like men?

Real women, they can outeat any Channing Tatum. 

Watch us and believe.


IMG 7029

A little cornicks while waiting



IMG 7027

Enseladang Erehe - kamatis, mangga, sibuyas, bagoong
To whet the appetite 



IMG 7030

Caracol - ginataang kuhol with kangkong
Coconuty snail love. I drink the juices. 



IMG 7032

Mi Ultimo Felicidad - chicharon bulaklak, bituka ng baboy, balat ng manok
Heart attack on a plate, but it's so worth it! The first of the dishes we wiped out.



IMG 7034

Tiago's Triumph - oysters with spinach and bacon



IMG 7036

Sisig Lengua - ox tongue sisig style
So tender and creamy 



IMG 7039

Sinang con Laing - gabi leaves with coconut cream
Looks a mess, but what a delicious mess!



IMG 7040

San Lucas - grilled panga ng tuna
Our yummy attempt to be healthy 



IMG 7038

Garlic rice. Because real women love carbs.



IMG 7044

Cremoso - creamy buko pandan



IMG 7046

Ube Cake



IMG 7047

The bill came in this wooden chick



IMG 7037

Human chicks. Har har har :P


Elias: Upper Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City.

Elias Website

Elias Facebook Page

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cafe Juanita ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 6131



Feels like my gwama's house. 

Except that my gwama doesn't serve Filipino food.

She'd probably make me eat Savory chicken with unlimited gravy or her vegetarian dishes like Chinese soup with hair, black chicken herbal soup, glutinous fried rice with peanuts, and tikoy for dessert, but never crispy pata or kare kare or sisig.

Sometimes I do crave those things, and I'm thankful for Cafe Juanita. 

One day I will bring Gwama here.

But tonight I'm gonna enjoy the food with my long-time-no-see friends.


IMG 6129

Catfish Mango Salad



IMG 6134

Korean Beef Stew



IMG 6136

Bicol Express



IMG 6139

Adobo Cooked Two Ways



IMG 6141

Tofu Sisig



IMG 6142

Deep Fried Lapu Lapu in Tamarind Sauce



IMG 6143

Crispy Pata



IMG 6145




IMG 6146

 Philip, CJ, Me, Cathy, Lex and Mr. Smokes :)


Cafe Juanita: Unit WS-2, Burgos Circle, Forbestown Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines. Tel: +632 403 1952

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