Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dotonbori Sights


If you haven't been to Dotonbori, you haven't been to Osaka!

Dotonbori is the heart of Osaka's nightlife, where neon signs scorch your eyes and the upbeat energy keeps you alive and hungry for more.



IMG 6716

The Ebisu-bashi Bridge is the most famous meeting point and is the perfect spot for
people-watching. I guarantee you will see some weird-ass Japanese fashion! :P



IMG 6711

 On one side of the bridge is the Glico Man, an Osaka landmark covering three storeys of a building



IMG 6712

The Glico Man and I  :)



IMG 6715

On the other side of the bridge is Dotonbori Street, home to just too many
eateries with the biggest and most colorful signages I've ever seen in my life!!!



IMG 6109



IMG 6112



IMG 6114



IMG 6123



IMG 6122



IMG 6124



IMG 6127



IMG 6129



IMG 6130



IMG 6131



IMG 6135



IMG 6136



IMG 6140



IMG 6144



IMG 6147



IMG 6151



IMG 6155



IMG 6157 



IMG 6163



IMG 6166



IMG 6169



IMG 6171



IMG 6172



IMG 6174



IMG 6181



IMG 6179



IMG 6175

My favorite is this ferocious-looking Japanese chef.
He seems so miserable and angry with his life.


Dotonbori is a feast for all senses. Must NOT miss when in Osaka!

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