Monday, August 6, 2012

Changing Hues



My sister was blonde




Then she dyed her hair blue



Mom freaked out BIG TIME, but she's gotten quite used to it now.

Over the weekend, the crazy girl decided to change into a happier color.

Because, well, blue makes you blue.

The new, gleeful color is... 


409649 10150987621417293 608769721 n





1. Go to cousin's house so Mom will not catch you and stop you halfway



526413 10150987621727293 1737239225 n

2. Ask cousin to apply color from roots to ends, working it through with gloved hands or a comb



540453 10150987622067293 657905905 n

3. Ask cousin to cling wrap your hair and use the time to catch up and chitchat



405254 10150987622122293 6201875 n

 4. Ask cousin to rinse and towel dry your hair



318873 10150987622167293 1826490684 n 1




IMG 8532

I love it!!! My sister now matches my jinlovestoeat theme!



553537 10150987634927293 449439458 n

With her cousin/best friend/hairstylist Frances


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