Wednesday, July 4, 2012

De Rodriguez Cuba ♥ ♥


IMG 1789

This was De Rodriguez Cuba at its old location in the Astor Hotel.
I heard they moved to Hilton Bentley on Ocean Drive. Poolside and beachfront location. Ooohhh. 



IMG 1762

Chips and dip



IMG 1769

I sipped on a Cojito while waiting for my first ever Nuevo Latino meal.
My cocktail had coconut rum, lime, mint and fresh coconut. Light and refreshing.



IMG 1775

Snapper & Conch
Estiradito snapper, diced conch, sour orange, red pepper, grape tomato, crispy onions and garlic 



IMG 1778

Pan con Bistec
Short rib skewers, crunchy garlic, onions, toasted bread crumbs 



IMG 1801

(Not So) Crispy Skin Cuban Pork :(
Confit and flash roasted, Cuban mojo, pickled sweet peppers 



IMG 1816

 Of course, I had to order this most interesting canned dish I saw at almost every table



IMG 1791

The waiter opened the can slowly in front of me...



IMG 1793

… And ta-da! My Rabo en Lata!
Boneless oxtail, tomatoes, capers, olives, spicy red wine sauce, roasted cauliflower puree



While the presentation was fun, the food was just okay.

What I enjoyed most was my Cuban dessert.


IMG 1819

It came complete with packaging 



IMG 1823

Smoky Chocolate Cigar
Pistachio, chocolate cake enrobed with semi sweet chocolate mousse served with matchbox candy.
I love anything chocolate and inhaled the whole thing in seconds. 



Guess what I saw on the way back to the hotel...


IMG 1889

A man in Guayaberas and panama hat rolling the real deal



IMG 1892

I picked a vanilla-flavored one and took 3 puffs to complete the Miami experience ;)



De Rodriguez Cuba: 101 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, USA 33139. Tel +1 (305) 672-6624

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