Thursday, June 7, 2012

jin loves to eat at home, January 2012


Got this message from a reader:

"how come there's no more jin loves to eat at home? i miss it kahit paulit ulit yung ulam."


Sorry ha! Will advise Mother to be more creative next time. :P

Here you go, Tina! :)



IMG 0868

Suahe, steamed lapu lapu, sauteed spinach, red rice



IMG 0870

Banana, orange, chico, pear, papaya, mango, dragon fruit, apple



IMG 0871

Pork adobo, braised tofu, blanched spinach, corn fried rice



IMG 1327

Cherries, papaya, mango, grape, mini oranges, mangosteen, plum



IMG 1328

Beancurd skin, panfried lapu lapu with crispy garlic, lechon paksiw, mustard greens and mushrooms



IMG 1358

Scallion omelette, pan fried espada, sauteed spinach



IMG 1359




IMG 7011

Banana, pomelo, papaya, apple, pear, persimmon



IMG 1367

Vegetable omelette, green beans, mushrooms, upo, cauliflower, pork floss



IMG 1603

Watermelon juice



IMG 1444

Sea bass spaghetti in cream sauce



IMG 1488

Chicken afritada, spinach, mushrooms and tofu strips



IMG 1500

Red miso-glazed tuna, chicken curry, celery, Chinese pechay



IMG 1501

Banana, dragon fruit, plum, mango, avocado, pear, pomelo, honeydew, melon



IMG 1601

Pork and beans, Chinese pechay, assorted mushrooms, pulled pork 



IMG 2871

Guava, peach, custard apple, macopa, strawberries 



IMG 2872

Grilled pork, Pasta Paris in pomodoro sauce



IMG 7010

Banana, papaya, pear, apple, kiwi, persimmon

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