Monday, April 9, 2012

Tak Hing Lung 德興隆 ♥ ♥


And look what I found inside North Point market.


IMG 1188

A very simple eatery



IMG 1154

with a very simple menu



IMG 1179

Pan fried buns and potstickers



IMG 1166

Potstickers 鍋貼 - skin is thick but I like the crunchy bottom. The filling is quite fatty,
but I guess that's supposed to make it tasty. At $2.5 a piece, I've got no complaints.


IMG 1169

Pan fried meat bun 煎豬肉包



IMG 1171

The same tasty potsticker filling now covered in soft and chewy bun



IMG 1156

Beancurd 豆腐花



IMG 1174

So simple the servers are almost barefoot


Life's simple pleasures. :)


Tak Hing Lung 德興隆: G/F, 1N Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong. 北角馬寶道1號N地下. Tel: +852 2563 8815

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