Sunday, April 15, 2012

Army Navy ♥


IMG 5012

Army Navy uses coco wood for its order counter tabletop. Nice.



IMG 5015

The menu is quite easy. I know right away what I want.



IMG 5020

A burger and a burrito...
… And fries and iced tea …and a milkshake



IMG 5023

Steak Breakfast Burrito
Beef pieces are tough and chewy, quite a contrast to the soft tortilla, hash brown and scrambled egg



IMG 5027

Double Patty Burger
Tender and juicy because it's got extenders. I find it quite peppery but nothing some ketchup can't fix.
Love the bun, not really the patties.



IMG 5021

Freedom Fries
Now this one I like. Tastes like my favorite McDo Twister Fries, but this one's a lot crispier
and less greasy.



IMG 5010

I know I shouldn't, but the purple ice cream cone says "Ube" and "Must Try!"
I love these three words. And I love exclamation points!



IMG 5034

Twas alright. Just lotsa milk blended with Magnolia ube ice cream.



IMG 5036

I follow rules



IMG 5028

See, I've got my two hands full :)



Army Navy: Crossroads, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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