Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saika Japanese Restaurant ♥ ♥ ♥


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I love discovering low key, down-to-earth restaurants that serve not too common dishes.

No frills, no frippery, just simple good food.

In Saika, I found one.

Dinner was easy, quiet, and delicious.



IMG 0833

I had fun browsing through the menu



IMG 0842

Pirikara Kyurino Hiyayako - tofu, cucumber and corn in a light and refreshing, slightly spicy sauce



IMG 0844

Salmon Sashimi



IMG 0851




IMG 0846

Kani Salad - couldn't get enough of the sesame dressing



IMG 0848

Horenso Butter Itame - didn't know spinach could taste this good



IMG 0850

Chicken Nanban - tender and juicy, pairs very well with the creamy homemade sauce



IMG 0847

Miso Katsu - the sweet and tangy miso cuts through the fried pork beautifully



IMG 0853

Liver Nira Itame - highly addicting stuff!



IMG 0854

Dragon Roll - loaded with unagi inside out



IMG 0855

Motorola Roll - gotta love anything with Japanese mayo



IMG 0859

Coffee Jelly - rich and sinful homemade goodness



IMG 0862

Macchya Sharbett - sad-tasting tea-flavored ice.
Will skip this next time and order...



IMG 0857

Macchya Flappechino and Banana Paffe :P



Saika Japanese Restaurant: Chino Roces Avenue corner Fernando Street, Makati City, Metro Manila

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