Friday, February 3, 2012

Marc & Jill's Wedding Reception


The theme is New York.

Because for Marc and Jill, the city is where it all began.


IMG 0335

The Entrance



IMG 0338

The Pacific Grand Ballroom



IMG 0351

The Setup



IMG 0342

The Greens



IMG 0344

The Street Sign




IMG 0346

The Presidential Table



IMG 0352

The Band



IMG 0363

The Centerpiece and The Beautiful Ladies



IMG 0365

The Flowers and Trees



New York scenes on the big screen:


IMG 0367


IMG 0368


IMG 0369


IMG 0370


IMG 0371


IMG 0373


IMG 0374


IMG 0375


IMG 0376


IMG 0378



And then...

IMG 0380

The Couple Dance



IMG 0387

The Group Dance



IMG 0389

And all that drama



IMG 0442

The Cake



IMG 0394

The Gown.
The Intricate Details.



IMG 0404

The Beautiful Limchutick Siblings



IMG 0407

The Gorgeous Uy Sisters



IMG 0403

The Waiters.
Meaning: Food is coming!



IMG 0398

Warm Salad of Prawns, Green Tea Soba, Fruits Relish, Wasabi-Nori Mayo



IMG 0411

Pumpkin Bisque, Shrimps, Bacon Bits, Melba Toast



IMG 0415

Oven Baked Miso Marinated Chilean Sea Bass, Mint Pea Puree, Ginger Carrot Emulsion



IMG 0420

Roasted Rib Eye of Beef, Mousseline Potato, Green Asparagus, Rosemary Jus



IMG 0422

Three Colored Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Coulis and Spicy Berry Compote



IMG 0425

The Smooch Bell



IMG 0428




IMG 0435

There was a lot of mingling



IMG 0437




IMG 0445

And dancing



Guess who I saw!

IMG 0337

My high school friend Eileen



IMG 0446

Eleanor and Steve



IMG 0448

And Tara who is also a soon-to-be bride! :)
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