Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Little Things My Mom Buys, Part 1


My mom loves to buy little fluffy things.

She doesn't like pets in the house, but apparently, she couldn't resist these cute and cuddly colored chicks.

They're sooooo adorable I couldn't get my hands off them.



IMG 7648

This is Lemon. She thinks the rooster is her papa.



IMG 7675

She daydreams about having a vacation in Bellarocca



IMG 7683

Lemon likes to look at her colorful reflection in the mirror



IMG 7679

And snuggle in the curve of my hand until she snores



IMG 7701

This is Jinlovestoeat



IMG 7703

All she loves to do is sleep and eat



IMG 7628

And this is my favorite because he is so purple



IMG 7643

I call him Mr. Ube. I love you, Mr. Ube!


I gonna play with my babies all afternoon.


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