Monday, October 31, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, October 17-23, 2011


A group of ladies approached my mom at UCC one Sunday and asked to take a photo with her.

They recognized her from the blog.


2011-09-11 21.04.12


Mom, you’re famous now! Hot smile



How can she not be?

Just look at all the food she prepares for us.


October 17, 12:51pm

Beef adobo, bangus belly, sunny side up egg, mustard greens with assorted mushrooms,
sweet corn with upo strips

Fresh OJ

Saba, pomelo, kiwi, mango, pear, red and white dragon fruit


October 18, 1:06pm

Native chicken, portabello mushrooms, white mushrooms, ugat ugat

Papaya, red dragon fruit, pear, guava, pomelo, kiwi


October 19, 9:58am

Shrimps, Chinese pechay, ampalaya, pork floss and nori rice

Red and white dragon fruit, chico, guava, apple, papaya, kiwi, orange


October 20, 10:05am

Whole wheat spaghetti aglio olio with shrimps, fish chunks

Orange, pomelo, pear, guava, dragon fruit, papaya, chico, banana, kiwi


October 21, 12:23pm

“Lo ma” rice, ground pork with pickled radish, broccoli, mushrooms, radish and crabstick

Banana, guava, pear, kiwi, pomelo, orange


October 22, 12:47pm

Three-cup chicken, broccoli, black mushrooms, mustard greens, corn fried rice

Guava, papaya, dragon fruit, pomelo, pear, kiwi


October 23, 12:24pm

French beans, boiled spinach, pork floss and nori fried rice

Gateau de Crepe Nutella by Dessert du Jour

Pear, apple, dragon fruit, guava, banana, kiwi

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Frances!


It runs in the family.

My cousin Frances, she loves to eat, too.

Look what cuteness she got me from her trip to France.


Pasta Paris


Edible mini Arc de Triomphes, Eiffel Towers and Notre Dame Cathedrals!


Today she celebrates her birthday by hogging this huge ass pizza. Pizza


IMG-20111026-00713Happy Birthday, Frannie! 
I wish you zero weight gain after you finish the whole box! Smile with tongue out

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, October 8-16, 2011


I love Shanghai Tang collaborations.


Shanghai Tang and Cathay Pacific


Cheongsam pajama set with eye mask and slippers


Shanghai Tang and Disney Channel


Passport holder


IT’S TIME TO FLY!!! Airplane


October 8, 1:40pm

Shrimps, sautéed red bell peppers, mushrooms

Papaya, pomelo, strawberry, pear, guava, plum, red and white dragon fruit, banana


October 9, 12:02pm

Mooncake and goat milk

Assorted mushrooms, spinach, lengua fried rice

Strawberries, guava, kiwi, pear, banana, pomelo, red dragon fruit


October 10, 10:53am

Red and white dragon fruit, guava, papaya, mango, kiwi


October 11, 11:49am

Braised beef with olives, seabass chunks, mushrooms, vegetables

Orange, red and white dragon fruit, papaya, guava, mango, kiwi


October 12, 12:24pm

Daing na bangus belly, spada fish, boiled eggplant, radish, okra

Banana, kiwi, pomelo, mango, pear, guava, red dragon fruit, orange


October 13, 9:46am

Chicken curry, pechay with crabsticks, rice


October 14, 11:49am

Salmon fillet, sole fillet, ampalaya with egg, Chinese pechay, green beans

Red and white dragon fruit, papaya, guava, apple, pomelo, kiwi

Oktoberfest 2011 at Sofitel



If not for Berto and Tina, I would never have experienced my first ever Oktoberfest.

Berto has not missed it for what… 8 years now? And Tina, she suggested we do this for a change rather than stuff ourselves silly with Kapampangan food. (We can always do that some other day.)


Our table


When I arrived, people were already having the time of their lives.


Many climbed up the benches and danced the night away


A few tried their luck and gambled the night away


Ladies tried to snag the “Miss Oktoberfest” title


Almost everybody in the tent drank at least this much beer



Except me.


I was more interested in eating food



What I ate:

First of two bowls. Or was it three?


Lechon sauce on German ham is Berto’s brilliant idea


A few people dressed up for the occasion.


Stefan and Tina


I’m not really a beer person. But he insisted.


I downed this in 8 minutes +/- a few seconds


And Berto?


He did it in 2.67 seconds!!!


Watch him do his 18th mug at 3.07 secs!




Our photographer. I want that shirt!!!


Chef Ian Padilla and his girl


I spotted a few celebrities that night.


Christopher Reeves and Ding Dong Dantes


B52. Nasty stuff.

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