Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oktoberfest 2011 at Sofitel



If not for Berto and Tina, I would never have experienced my first ever Oktoberfest.

Berto has not missed it for what… 8 years now? And Tina, she suggested we do this for a change rather than stuff ourselves silly with Kapampangan food. (We can always do that some other day.)


Our table


When I arrived, people were already having the time of their lives.


Many climbed up the benches and danced the night away


A few tried their luck and gambled the night away


Ladies tried to snag the “Miss Oktoberfest” title


Almost everybody in the tent drank at least this much beer



Except me.


I was more interested in eating food



What I ate:

First of two bowls. Or was it three?


Lechon sauce on German ham is Berto’s brilliant idea


A few people dressed up for the occasion.


Stefan and Tina


I’m not really a beer person. But he insisted.


I downed this in 8 minutes +/- a few seconds


And Berto?


He did it in 2.67 seconds!!!


Watch him do his 18th mug at 3.07 secs!




Our photographer. I want that shirt!!!


Chef Ian Padilla and his girl


I spotted a few celebrities that night.


Christopher Reeves and Ding Dong Dantes


B52. Nasty stuff.

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