Monday, December 5, 2011

Taipei, Taipei, I Love You!


Taipei is themostamazingplacetoeatintheuniverse because…


Taiwanese street food is the best!


Turo-turo adobo. You turo it, she adobos it.


My favorite assortment of adobo thingies


Green onion pancakes


Sometimes I like it nice and neat


Sometimes I like it all scruffed up


Taro pie… Mmmm…


Lunch box vendor


My combo of choice: roast pork, soy chicken and roast duck rice


Everything fried vendor


Mushrooms, tofu, balls, intestines, hearts, gizzards, hash browns, radish cakes, fish cakes


Very, very addicting Taiwanese fried chicken! Now available in Manila at Big Daddy’s!


Sweet and spicy Taiwanese sausage


Bean curd, green beans, red beans and peanut dessert


Adobo duck tongue, adobo duck wings, adobo duck neck, adobo duck feet…


Self-service dimsum take out


Milk green tea with pearls and grass jelly


Delicious meal of lo-ma rice, fried tofu and ampalaya soup that cost me only NT$40!


My breakfast of bicho-bicho wrapped in sesame bread then dunked in hot soybean milk


Frog eggs drink. No need to freak out, it’s just green beans, jelly, sago and milk.


Everything matcha, matcha, matcha. I love matcha!


Fresh fruit juice stand everywhere


My drink of the day, Mixed Vegetable Juice. 
Contains pineapple, lemon, cabbage, bitter melon, celery and carrot. Yum. Sick smile


Beard Papa’s has many many more products than just cream puffs


Like this vanilla custard-filled doughnut-puff


Mister Donut has doughnuts in all shapes, textures, flavors and sizes


Supermarkets have the best selection of dairy products


My stash: Macamdamia nut coffee, no sugar yogurt, plain yogurt, strawberry yogurt,
matcha milk, matcha milk again, strawberry milk


Sweet potato milk, black sesame and grains milk, fresh milk, and
my childhood-all-the-way-to-spinsterhood favorite, Uni-President egg pudding


Milk I grew up drinking: fruit milk, apple milk, malt milk
(Mom used to feed me these in my baby bottle)


And of course, while in Taiwan, you can’t not notice Taiwanese fashion.


Furry boots with furry balls


What can I say, they’re really not very brand spelling-conscious peoples


I love Taipei.

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