Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mitsui Japanese Cuisine 三井日本料理 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


It’s in Taipei. My favorite Japanese restaurant in the whole wide world.



The best seat in the house is at the sushi bar.


Where you can see the sushi chefs in action


And get very personalized service and attention
(The sushi chef doesn’t put the sushi straight  into my mouth, but sometimes he hands
me a few pieces himself, without the use of tongs or plates or any similar device)


We order the Omakase and put our stomach’s happiness in the hands of the masters.


Hokkigai Clam


Uni on Chinese Yam


Ika, Yellowfin Tuna, Toro, Chutoro, Amaebi, Hamachi


Grilled Scallops, Seaweed and Japanese Tofu


Alaskan Crab Leg Salad


Grilled Sweet Shrimp Head Sushi


Grilled Fish. I have the head.


Cherry has the tail


Japanese Wagyu


Crab Leg Asparagus Temaki


Miso Grilled Lamb Chop


Ebi Tempura


Cherry has Clam Soup


I have Fish Head Soup


Cherry has Red Bean Soup with Mochi and Japanese pear


I have Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean and Japanese pear


Mitsui. Excellent every time.


Mitsui Japanese Cuisine 三井日本料理: 台北市農安街30號. No. 30, Nong An Street, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +8862-2594-3394

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