Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hana Twinpeak Teppanyaki 錵鐵板燒 ♥ ♥



It’s been flipping meats on its teppanyaki grill for 33 years already, just one year before I started flipping meats into my mouth.

Hana Twinpeak is already a Taiwan institution.

And I… I should already go for a liposuction.




Cherry and I each order the Surf and Turf Set which comes with your choice of soup, a salad, prawns course, fish course, scallop course, beef course (of course!), vegetables and dessert.


To start off the meal, we have vegetable sticks with 3 dipping sauces:
thousand island, mustard in soy sauce, and onions in soy sauce


Spinach Soup and Garlic Bread


Pumpkin Soup




And then, let the show begin!


Prawns, mushroom, miso paste


Fish, tomato, creamy chive sauce


Scallop, seaweed, caviar


I have my ribeye steak cut into cubes


Cherry has hers sliced thin and wrapped around onions


Salt and peppery bean sprouts stir fried with the best part of the beef – the fat


After dinner, we move to the lounge to enjoy our dessert


Crème brulee, fruits and coffee


Hana Twinpeak Teppanyaki 錵鐵板燒: 台北市中山區農安街32號2樓. 2/F, No. 32 Nong An Street, Chung Shan District, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +8862-2595-5880, +8862-2596-7204

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