Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ganso-Shabuway ♥ ♥



There are many things in life I can do as good as any man.

Loading up on beef is one such thing.


Today I prove to you I can eat as much as Bong


I show you by doing it shabu shabu style.
My weapons: spicy miso broth, ponzu sauce, sesame sauce, garlic, carrots, green onions


Bong has vegetables, I have vegetables


Bong has udon, I have udon.


Bong has Kobe beef, I have Kobe beef.


I must say that although the quality of Kobe is not the best out there (softer than Meyer but does not melt in my mouth), dipping it in the sauces makes it delicious for me.


First, I baptize the beef in sweet, tangy ponzu sauce


Then I bathe it in rich and creamy sesame sauce



Thank you Jer and Trinna for the tip!


And then there are the other things in life I do better AND faster than men.


Like cleaning up my half of the pot when Bong is just halfway through his.


And running to Pinkberry for dessert after the meal.


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