Sunday, November 6, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, October 24-30, 2011


When I was based in Hong Kong, I got to meet many many local celebrities.
I don’t know their names, I just know they are celebrities because I see them often on TV.

IMG_0665With Director and Master Composer Liu Jia-Chang and his wife Zhen Zhen

Now that I’m in Manila, I just observe them from afar.

IMG_3988Yes, I watched the filming of Protégé

Don’t ask.

October 24, 9:13am

Plum, pomelo, apple, pear, papaya, banana, kiwi

October 25, 11:55am

Braised fish, asparagus, broccoli, crabstick, e-fu noodles with bamboo shoots
Kiwi, pomelo, pear, apple, papaya, plum, banana, dragon fruit, guava

October 26, 10:39am

Chocolate chip bread, custard bun, fresh watermelon juice
Suahe, crab omelet, broccoli, pork tendon
Orange, dragon fruit, guava, apple, plum, watermelon, saba, kiwi

October 27, 10:46am

Braised pork knuckles, baby asparagus, assorted mushrooms, e-fu noodles
Plum, papaya, guava, apple, orange, dragon fruit, kiwi

October 28, 9:22am

Spaghetti Bolognese
Kiwi, banana, apple, guava, plum, pear, dragon fruit

October 29, 10:17am

Pan fried seabass, roast pork loin, seaweed, buttered portobello mushroom
Dragon fruit, guava, plum, mango, persimmon, kiwi

October 29, 6:38pm

Super yummy, super heart-stopping balingit with Chile Vitas vinegar from Tina Vitas

October 30, 12:47pm

Steamed lapu lapu, boiled gailan vegetables, pork floss nori rice
Mango, dragon fruit, guava, crunchy persimmon, soft persimmon, kiwi
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