Tuesday, September 20, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, August 16-24, 2011


I left home on August 24.

It was supposed to be a one-week stint. I packed just enough clothes for 7 days: 4 dresses, 3 tops, a pair of leggings and 2 pairs of jeggings.

Okay, I also packed some 3 weeks supply of chocolate snacks.

It’s September 20 today. I haven’t been home since.

Please do not judge if you see me wearing the same clothes every Monday, every Tuesday, every Wednesday, so on and so forth...

I miss home.

And I need a vacation.

Preferably some place very, very high up where no one can reach me.




August 16, 1:48pm

Baked salmon fillet, roasted eggplant and taro, boiled spinach

Cherries, melon, mango, red dragon fruit, golden kiwi, pomelo, banana


August 17, 12:23pm

Stor-fried crystal prawns with asparagus, bangus belly, minced vegetables and tofu

Green pepper, celery, apple juice


August 18, 1:21pm

Crabmeat omelet, steamed fish, celery and carrot

Red dragon fruit, apple, guava, melon, pomelo, golden kiwi


August 19, 11:01am

White and red dragon fruit, kiwi, melon, pomelo, guava, banana

Fresh OJ


August 21, 7:01am

Giniling pandesal

Fresh pineapple juice


August 22, 2:01pm

Steamed fish, miso-marinated fish, scallion omelet, assorted mushrooms and asparagus

Kiwi, dragon fruit, mango, pomelo, banana


August 23, 9:11am

Dragon fruit, kiwi, mango, pomelo, pear, banana


August 24, 10:47am

Dragon fruit, kiwi, mango, pomelo, banana

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