Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marie’s Baby Shower… What I Missed




My very pregnant, Shanghai-based good friend Marie flew home last weekend for her baby shower.

Because of a meeting that dragged on forever, I arrived at Marie’s home just when they were finishing and when most of the guests had already left.

I had been looking forward to the quality time and hated that I missed everything. Sad smile


Here are some photos of the party taken by Bonnie, Marie’s sister who flew home from Singapore for the shower.


292294_10150401196482004_695392003_10412164_7516386_nBuffet spread


291959_10150401197927004_695392003_10412180_6009764_nMooncake Tower


281693_10150401196942004_695392003_10412169_6025520_nHello Kitties, Mickey and Winnie the Pooh!


205897_10150401197097004_695392003_10412171_4807024_nLittle things that are too pretty to eat


292909_10150401199307004_695392003_10412193_1388951_nAfter the eating comes the playing


291912_10150401201927004_695392003_10412217_582605_nPin the sperm on the egg


281704_10150401201527004_695392003_10412213_3276534_nGuys, you better know how to do this!


The prizes and giveaways:


292290_10150401195977004_695392003_10412158_2899524_nLipton Tea


262872_10150401194747004_695392003_10412142_3699641_nClipper Organic Tea


284999_10150401195027004_695392003_10412147_5566172_nSuper cute tea holders


293762_10150401199072004_695392003_10412191_3726960_nMarie with her high school friends Michelle, Alvin, Carmi, Heilyn and Genevieve


I had just enough time to drop off my gift and pose for a pic.


292962_10150401202077004_695392003_10412219_4622202_nMe and Alvaro Javier’s mama-to-be Smile

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