Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aristocrat Restaurant ♥ ♥ ♥


Auntie Natalie has been SO BUSY lately as the opening of her branch nears (watch out for it, peeps!) that she forgets to make reservations for her own birthday party. Toink.

We want something simple, fast and delicious. We go to Aristocrat.


aristocrat chicken barbecueBoneless Chicken Barbecue – my Aristocrat staple. It is no-fail, foolproof, and delicious
all the time. I like mine with generous drizzling of java sauce. On chicken and on rice.


aristocrat chicken barbecueChicken Barbecue – same delicious flavors, but with stick and bones


Sotanghon Soup – love the fried garlic bits


Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus – sourness whets the appetite


Adobo Flying Saucer – just okay


Tapang Karne – beef sirloin marinated and cooked on the griddle


Kare-Kare – beef knuckles, tripe and oxtail in savory peanut sauce


Mechado – Frances loves this beef in tomato sauce


Laing – not coconuty enough


Sizzling Sisig – nice textures, soft and crunchy, but burnt at the bottom


Service is really off tonight. The waiters leave our orders on the trays (hence the burnt sisig bottoms). They serve us soup but forget to give us bowls. Some of us do not have utensils.


It is self-service night tonight


Bibingka – nothing fantastic


Mocha Cake – love the coffee-flavored buttercream


Mango Cake – light and spongy


Mucha Leche – milk, milk, milk, my favorite!


Apple Walnut Loaf


We also bring our own tub of munchies, Chef Tony’s caramel popcorn, hehe.


Check It Out cake from Aristocrat Bakeshop. This is super yummy now I can’t decide which my favorite is, Mucha Leche or this. Thank you, Auntie Babyruth, for recommending!


Happy 48th Birthday to my auntie who will forever be a child at heart
(Just look at her shirt! Smile with tongue out)


Check It Out cake innards. Sooo yummmyyy!!!


Auntie Nats gives out these birthday souvenirs. Haha! Told you, she’s a little girl!


She also makes us these personalized caps, a trick to get all of us to help out when her
branch finally opens. I am so excited! Smile


Shirts, too. The blue one is mine.


Frances beats me to this jacket. Grrrr.


We take home more Chicken Barbecue. Because we Savory babies love Aristocrat! Smile


Aristocrat: 432 San Andres Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines. Tel: 524-7671 to 80

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