Monday, June 6, 2011

Scandinavia Trip Day 9, Part 2: Silja Serenade

Continued from Scandinavia Trip Day 9, Part 1
My last time on a cruise ship was some 8 years ago on Star Cruises’ SuperStar Virgo. It was a 3-day 2-night trip to Okinawa from Taipei. It was a truly unforgettable experience for me. I was vomiting my guts out the whole time.

silja serenade
So I can’t help but feel a bit icky about the Silja Serenade. I don’t wanna make a foul-smelling mess of myself and gross out the few new friends I’ve made on this trip.

229260_10150173481459570_510889569_6601527_2197109_nSeeing this sign totally eases up my mind.
Silja lines is, after all, the official seacarrier of Santa.

silja serenadeIt feels a bit strange to be traveling from Sweden to Finland and suddenly be in New York. But I guess the cruise operator didn’t really think about that. The Big Apple is the theme on Silja Serenade.

silja serenadeThe Promenade

224710_10150167197677293_718632292_6935320_2830456_nLive band and the Statue of Liberty

223465_10150167200302293_718632292_6935349_1217743_nStreet performers

227955_10150167196357293_718632292_6935308_2409421_nMe with Mr. NYPD Officer

227495_10150167196647293_718632292_6935310_3594634_nFrances in a yellow cab

225865_10150173482534570_510889569_6601552_497657_nWe go up to the cabins to drop off our bags

silja serenadeHallway

Our very humble room

It has all the basic necessities so I really can’t complain.

Toilet and bath

I can fit in the shower so again, not complaining.

The view from our cabin is so calming

Time to check out the rest of the ship

Of course, I do the restaurants first. A line is forming outside Happy Lobster.

People waiting to be seated at El Capitan

Old Port Pub

Game room

Lower deck

Observation deck

You can buy drinks from the bar

Grab a seat and hang out here

222545_10150167198537293_718632292_6935330_5373089_nOr forget about the seat and hang out on the floor

Another cruise ship leaving from Vjrla Port

I wanna be on this one next time!

222801_10150167198267293_718632292_6935328_4724721_nStop it!!! This is not Titanic and you are not Jack and Rose!

228470_10150173481749570_510889569_6601533_5339486_nMahangin ba sa labas? Hehe

I have a slice of shrimp pizza for afternoon snack

On Deck 6, there is a recreational area for children

Segafredo café


Bistro Maxine

And duty-free shopping!

My new favorite, Baileys Hazelnut!

                             There’s booze                                                                      More booze

          Candies, gummies, giant lollipops                                                  Chocolates

                                Chocolates                                                           And more chocolates!!!

225286_10150167199607293_718632292_6935341_1509322_nIn case you haven’t noticed, I HEART CHOCOLATES! Open-mouthed smile

Hey, wait for me, partners! Hehehe!

Dinner is at Buffet Serenade

                                      Breads                                                                             Antipasti

                     Salads and cold appies                                                  Cheeses and crackers

                         Salmon and sidings                                                         Other hot dishes

                        Children’s station                                                              Nacho station

                                   Desserts                                                                             Ice cream

                      A very interesting cake                                                    Chocolate mousse

My first plate

My second plate. Because my salad creation is just too delicious! Smile with tongue out

My dessert plate – waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce, chocolate mousse

Auntie Babie and Auntie Nita wine wrestling

Cheers!!! Ernest, Florence, Vibson, Me, Frances, Felisse

We hang out at Atlantis later that evening

We skip the casino

And cheer on Uncle Harry while he shows off his moves

Guess who decides to grace us with his presence

The show is quite entertaining and after a drink too many, I am ready to show off my own moves.

225356_10150173483224570_510889569_6601567_3090414_nThat is Felisse trying to upload a video of me doing my YMCA dance.
I kill you! I kill you!!!
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