Wednesday, June 29, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, May 23-29, 2011


Look what my cousin Frances surprised me with from her recent trip to Hong Kong.


A tub of my favorite Hong Kong Airport food – Popeye’s Biscuits with Honey!!!


Plus 3 oversized tops because all my clothes don’t fit anymore.

I love you, Frannie! Send a kiss


May 23, 1:06pm

Herbed tuna, asparagus with mushrooms, bokchoy, spinach omelette

Green kiwi, golden kiwi, mango, pear, chico, watermelon, err… (help!), dragon fruit

Fresh watermelon juice


May 24, 12:38pm

Fish fillet with green onions, water spinach, chicken tocino, mushrooms and onions

Kiwi, melon, dragon fruit, banana, and that fruit again (help!)


May 25, 11:49am

Native chicken and pork spareribs soup with baby choi sum, mushrooms and ugat-ugat

Dragon fruit, mango, banana, kiwi, peach, pear, apple


May 26, 1:27pm

Lapu-lapu fillet, sweet corn and red bell peppers, ground pork, mushrooms, Chinese pechay

Cherries, pear, green kiwi, golden kiwi, dragon fruit, banana, papaya



May 27, 12:26pm

Sweet corn, Chinese pechay, chicken tocino, five spice kikiam

Guava, melon, mango, pomelo, kiwi


May 28, 12:16pm

Boiled tong ho vegetables, pork floss and sweet corn fried rice

Pear, guava, apple, mango, dragon fruit


May 29, 12:10pm

Spinach, tomato and mushroom confit, steamed shrimps with creamy sesame dressing

Papaya, guava, pear, dragon fruit, pomelo, kiwi

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