Friday, June 3, 2011

Elite Palace Hotel and Breakfast at Taabla



I wish we stayed somewhere closer to Gamla Stan or the city center.

Even the front desk staff at the Elite Palace Hotel is at a loss when we ask her for suggestions on what to see/where to go around the area. She apologizes and explains we are in the boring, quiet area of town.

Oh wells.


To others, the hotel lobby may seem modern, stylish, etc, etc.
To me, it looks all too confused. This is at the center of the lobby.


This is at the upper left corner of the lobby


This is at the lower right corner of the lobby


This is at the upper right corner of the lobby


Now you tell me.


But I appreciate that there is a computer station, a coffee station and a giant bowl of candy


There is a common area on each of the guest room floors




Our room


Sink area


Toilet and bath


Toiletries that make me smell oh so masculine


Breakfast the next morning is at Restaurant Taabla


Old books, old teddy bear and old telly


                                     Breads                                                                             More breads


                    Cheeses, hams and pates                                                Meatballs, sausages


                             Fruits, salad                                                                 Juices, coffee, tea


223129_10150166389307293_718632292_6928970_889307_nAnd a whole table of cereals, nuts and seeds!


My breakfast plates:




I think this is one of my healthiest breakfasts ever.

What do you think?


Elite Palace Hotel: S:t Eriksgatan 115, Box 21034, 100 31 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)8-566 217 00
Fax: +46 (0)8-566 217 01

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