Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scandinavia Trip Day 3: Bergen

After a really early packed breakfast prepared by the hotel, like 5am early,
we head to the airport for our flight to Bergen.
Good morning faces
These two ladies watch the hustle and bustle at the Copenhagen Airport
It’s one of the chicest airports I’ve been to. This is one place where news of delayed and cancelled flights are very happy news.
I love the wooden floors
And the stores
And this swanky bakery at the center of everything
The tiny SAS plane that flies us to Bergen
According to our tour guide Paulo, Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, 
is a very rainy city. In one year there can be 220 days of rain.

Well, someone decided today is not gonna be one of them 145 sunny days.

228356_10150165478487293_718632292_6919697_5673031_nSee what I mean?
Fish market. But because today is a Sunday, the place is closed. Crying face
226783_10150170817934570_510889569_6573147_914340_nBeautiful Bergen
We’re supposed to be walking up this road to board the Fløibanen Funicular
But decided we need to get some snacks first for the 5-minute journey up
The oldest McDonald’s in town
Why are the 7-Elevens in other countries so much nicer?
They have excessive supplies of all the good things
Cookies, muffins, waffles, doughnuts, pitas, calzones and everything carbs
Candies, jellies, gummies, chocolates and everything sweet
Juices, sodas, water, beers, milk, milk, milk!
Felisse can’t decide which choco milk to try. And yes, that is a 7-Eleven plastic bag on her head. We did not come prepared for the rain.
224065_10150165479737293_718632292_6919720_38273_nAfter some chocolates and chocolate milk, we are ready to board the Fløibanen Funicular
The young men in our group: Erwin, Ernest, Douglas and Vibson
228240_10150170819079570_510889569_6573177_1854460_nThe 5-minute funicular ride takes us to the top of Fløyen mountain which stands 
320 meters above sea level
It is said that the closer you get to the top, the more spectacular the views of Bergen.
I can’t wait to get to the top.
But when we finally get there, all we see is this spectacular view of Bergen fog
230796_10150165480877293_718632292_6919732_671565_nStill the 3 Fayes insist on having their photo taken
With nothing else to see, we spend our time in the souvenir shop
Shelffuls and shelffuls of ugly trolls

I swear, each one looks more disturbing than the last!
And this is the freakiest of them all!
224038_10150165480662293_718632292_6919729_5970094_nWith my favorite troll
(The big one on the right is my next favorite)

While the others shop for little trinkets, I pleasure myself with these little snacks.
                        Chocolatesssssssssss                                                Ice creamsssssssssssss

The young ladies in our group: Felisse, Me, Frances, Ninang, Stephanie, Florence, Sarah
Paulo tells us this is supposed to be what it looks like from the top, so I whip out my camera and immediately take a picture with our reflections are in it. I guess this is the closest we get to having the perfect Bergen photo.
222812_10150170820454570_510889569_6573201_1680265_nBryggen, the old wharf of Bergen, used to be one of the oldest and largest trading ports in Northern Europe. Parts of it were destroyed in the 1955 fire, but they managed to rebuild it while preserving the main structures of the characteristic wooden houses.
Bryggen is now a tourist area lined with restaurants, bars and shops,
and is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.
Some sights around Bryggen:


Lunch is at Brasserie No. 22 of the Augustin Hotel

                          Bread and Butter                                                       Fish Balls Cream Soup

            Herbed Chicken with Vegetables                   Green Apple Sorbet and Vanilla Ice Cream
                                                                                                                       on Raspberry Sauce

Our hungry tour mates
We have some free time after lunch so armed with a map and tips from the hotel concierge, we start our very own walking tour of the area.
And guess what stops right in front of us? A cutesy teeny weeny little red Matchbox of a car.
I wonder if my big butt will ever fit into one
Seesaw at someone’s backyard
Big fat cat
Then we arrive in Skuteviken, a residential neighborhood in Bergen known for its
traditional white wooden houses. This area dates back to the 1600’s.
Skuteviken has evolved through time, with newer and more colorful buildings in place.
227486_10150170821964570_510889569_6573234_4520745_n It is such a beautiful and peaceful area I can walk up and down
the narrow cobbled streets all day
224092_10150170821444570_510889569_6573221_681948_nA Norwegian flag hangs from one of the houses
Walking group
We see more colorful wooden houses around the area
Statue of Amalie Skram, a Norwegian author and feminist who championed
women’s rights throughout her career.
223265_10150170821784570_510889569_6573230_5077998_nHey Uncle Attorney! Just what are you doing?
230514_10150170818024570_510889569_6573150_677809_nView of Bergen while standing atop a bench
Walking back to the hotel, we pass by more wooden houses and eerie-looking trees
And a building wall covered in graffiti
222847_10150170822024570_510889569_6573237_2115169_nGroup shot and more graffiti
229766_10150165486437293_718632292_6919804_8178340_nWe drop by Bergen Cinema beside the hotel, not to see a movie but to buy some popcorn
230758_10150165486317293_718632292_6919803_430425_nSo many popcorn seasonings to choose from! Just shake on the flavor and munch, munch, munch. My favorite is White Cheddar + Jalapeno.
Dinner is at Mr. Chan’s Restaurant. The moment I see this tourist group sign,
I know right away dinner will be anything but great

                 Water with Veggie Shreds                                                        Fried Fish

                             Scrambled Egg                                                             Beef with Broccoli

                       Norwegian Shrimps                                                       Pechay in Soy Sauce

                                  Oranges                                             Of course, we have to bring our own dessert

Uncle Frank and us

After dinner, we retire back to the hotel and call it an early night.
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