Friday, May 27, 2011

KOR ONE Hydration Vessel


Contrary to what many people think, I do not have snow white skin. I have dark spots, pimple marks and little bumps here and there. But I guess my skin is still acceptable-ok.

Many people ask how I take care of it.

I say I drink water all night and day.

As soon as I wake up I drink 750ml of water.

With lunch I drink 500ml. Sometimes more if I have dessert.

With merienda I drink 500ml.

With dinner another 500ml. And you know dinner always comes with dessert! Winking smile

Before bed another 500ml, and many sips and gulps throughout the day.


I used to drink my water from Absolute bottles. You name the size, I have the size.


The Absolute Water Family


But the thought of all the harmful elements in plastic bottles and the damage they do to my body and mother earth… YIKES.

Thanks to Mel, I now use the safest and sexiest pink water bottle. Oops. I mean “hydration vessel.” It’s just so chic I cannot imagine any other name for it.


My KOR ONE Hydration Vessel in Orchid Pink


It is made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan (meaning it contains none of the nasty stuff present in other water bottles), and the cap easily opens and closes with just one single push. No more putting down my utensils just to take a sip of water during meals. Hooray to peaceful, uninterrupted eating!


Plus it looks really great on my bedside table


And on my blogging table, too


There are other pretty colors to choose from. Each color represents a water-related cause and KOR donates to them 1% of sales from every purchase.


korone_gift_480Ice Blue is for Ocean Protection, Sunrise Orange for Container Recycling,
Sawgrass Green for Watershed Protection, and Orchid Pink for Global Water Crisis


iron-man1Doesn’t hurt to know the tough guy uses it, too


So why wait? Be the change. Get your own KOR ONE Hydration Vessel now!


Order from or
Also available at Cutting Edge Stores and Tripologie. See all branches here.

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