Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Branden Royce’s 1st Birthday Party at Gloria Maris


I remember visiting my good friend Wendy at her home a few days after she gave birth to little Royce. He was such a loooong baby boy. It seems like yesterday only.

And now he turns 1.


It’s a Mickey Mouse party!


The whole second floor of Gloria Maris is transformed into this happy, happy place


Birthday Cupcake Tower


Food carts of the day:

                           Krispy Kreme                                                                 Fruits in Ice Cream


                            Pizza Pedrico’s                          Ok, it’s not food, but personalized stickers are cute!


I didn’t have breakfast this morning so I bring with me a very good excuse to eat some snacks before a proper lunch. I have:

              Krispy Kreme Original Glazed                                    And a mini Pepperoni Pizza


While the kids play games, put on glittery stickers and watch magic shows…


The adults eat, eat and eat


College buddies (clockwise from top left): Jacques, Mon, Karl, Jem, Sheila, Me, Alex, Sil


The food:

Birthday Noodles, of course!


Appetizer Platter, after half the table attacked it


Garlic Steamed Prawns


Fish and Tofu Soup?


Peking Duck


Hot Prawn Salad


Steamed Lapu-Lapu


Salt and Pepper Duck


Garlic Fried Crabs


I made plans to watch Thor at 2:30pm with the fatties so no dessert for me. Boo.


Ninong Alex practicing daddy skills with Julian


What Daddy Jacques does to little Caden when mommy Sheira is away


That’s Mommy Wendy and little Branden Royce in the middle (missing Daddy Stephen here)
Happy Birthday, Royce! Smile


Gloria Maris: Club Filipino Avenue, Greenhills Shopping Complex, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-721-3504

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