Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rose House 古典玫瑰園 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



After our dinner at Du Hsiao Yueh 度小月, we figure we finally need a few hours break from all things Taiwanese. So we head to Rose House, my favorite English tea place in the city and probably the only place in Taipei that doesn’t actually feel like Taipei.


It’s got a whole wall of fine tea selections. I wish I could try all.


But I can only distract my tea-mates for a bit and steal big gulps from their pretty cups when they are not looking. Mwahahaha! Devil


Auntie Babie has the Carambola Tea which is light and a bit tangy


Frances has one of my favorites, Rose Petal Tea with Milk, which is creamy and, well, rosy


Cherry has the Summer Pudding Tea with Milk, which is actually Blueberry Milk Tea if the Chinese-English translation were done correctly. They give you a pot of plain milk tea and a little jar of blueberry sauce and you mix and make your own blueberry tea. DIY, baby.
Not a big fan.


Dad and Uncle Frank each downs a pot of Iced Rose House Fruit Tea which
I say is the best fruit tea I’ve had in the world. If you want something, sweet,
cold and very refreshing, you MUST order this and nothing else.


And I have the Uva Tea with Milk, which is the richest, creamiest, fattiest,
but the most delicious of all milk teas.


Of course, we insist on having the afternoon tea set to go with our teas even if 
half a day has already passed since the afternoon. We know it is 10pm. We don’t care.


Strawberry shortcake, crème brulee, black forest cake


Tea cookie, scone with rose jam, panna cotta with rose syrup


Little boring sandwiches


Except for the scone, everything else is forgettable.

Come to Rose House for the teas.

And the frills and the froufrous.

I promise you, the place is full of pretty things. Pretty china, pretty tea ware…


Pretty two-toned rose petal resting on cold wipes


Pretty plates, pretty flatware


Pretty long-stemmed baby pink roses


And of course, pretty people! Hihihi! Smile with tongue out


Rose House 古典玫瑰園: No. 95, Section 2, Nanjing E. Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +886-2-2560-3112

See other branches here.

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