Thursday, April 14, 2011

EVA Airways Inflight Meals and Taipei Taoyuan International Airport


Okay, before anyone comments, I FLY ECONOMY.


I just happen to have family who’d rather puff some cigarettes in the smoking lounge than attack the food at the PAGSS Lounge. Aren’t I a lucky one.


But really, there is not much to attack, just a bowl of arroz caldo and some mini pastries.
I love the revel bars and choco-mint bars. As for the arroz caldo, PAL does it best.


March 8, Manila-Taipei on BR272:

Chicken with rice (tasty stuff), sponge cake, pork slices, apple juice, water


And guess what pretty things we see at Taipei airport the day we fly back?


Hello Kitty Payphones!


Hello, Kitty?
Hihihi. Sorry, can’t help it.


Hello Kitty Nursery


And there’s a postal-themed waiting area, too. How cool is that?


Frances and her mailman fetish


I swear, she is really digging this


Watch her rub herself against the big mailbox. Ha ha ha.


She’s so thrilled to discover there are free postcards


She buys stamps from the vendo


And writes her dog Oreo right away


Now she wants to be an envelope. Come on, girl, we gonna be late!


March 8, Taipei-Manila on BR 271:

Sesame chicken noodles (really delicious!), cookie, fruits, orange juice, water


EVA Airways

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

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