Saturday, April 30, 2011

My New and Bigger Profile Pic


After 2 years and 25 pounds, I am finally ready to change my profile pic.

It’s about time.

Sometime last year, I was set up on a blind date. Apparently, the guy reads my blog and the very first thing he said to me when we met was, “You look so much slimmer in your photos. What have you been eating?!?!”

It was my WTF moment of 2010.

Ever since that day, I’ve been dreading to get the same comment from random people who recognize me on the streets, in the malls, or worse, finishing every morsel of food in some restaurant.

So there, to avoid getting myself into such WTFawkward encounters in the future, I am now changing my profile pic to reflect my current… well… situation.


So goodbye, Jin in 2009.


jin3And hello to a fuller and happier me!


Thank you, Vibson Que, for this photo! I don’t care if my hair’s messy. It is, after all, Danish wind blowing. Open-mouthed smile

Circles, A Third Time ♥ ♥ ♥

And then it’s time for dinner. Circles again and again.

Tuesday night is Italian night


Lamb rack in herbs crust, roasted for 6 hours


Cheeses and Italians. But you can only eat the cheeses, not the Italians.

My 1st plate. I love Japanese.

My 2nd plate. I love Indian, Middle Eastern and Italian.

My 3rd plate. I just love meat.

Frances’s ravioli. I steal a piece.

Homemade ube and yogurt ice cream for my dessert

Of course I don’t stop at just ice cream. I also have cheese, tiramisu, flourless chocolate cake, mangoes and tres leches. But no Italians. Boo.

My gwama mistakes this bowl of ice cream for siopao

I think we are the real siopaos. Mom, Frances, Me.

Circles Event Cafe: Lobby Level, Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines. Tel: +632-8138888

2nd’s ♥ ♥



I don’t care that I just had a president of a steak at Myron’s last night.



I pull open this handsome door


And I am greeted with warm, cozy and tastefully done interiors.
Thank you, Leslie, for tipping me about this place!


Bacon Chicharon – of course we had to order the deadly bacon-chicharon combination.
I mean, seriously, who can say no to the sin of all sins? But my heart breaks when I take my very first bite. Bacon Chicharon turns out to be over-fried bacon strips that are not so crunchy and rather hard. Maybe if they sliced the bacon thinner it would work. I’d skip this on my next visit and save the calories for these delicious dishes:


Crispy Duck Confit – it is duck fried in its own fat. How can one go wrong?


Truffled Three Cheese Mac – emmenthal, cheddar and blue cheese. Cheese, cheese, cheese generously topped with broken pieces of potato chips for that awesome play on 
flavors and textures. Would have been perfect with another sprinkling of truffle oil. Or two. But even without, this is love.


Lamb Shepherd’s Pie – the gaminess of lamb blend so well with the creaminess of the cheese and mashed potatoes. I love Lusso’s version the best, but this one comes close. 


2nd’s Ribeye – 350g of USDA prime steak with fries and buttered veggies.
Very tender and tasty slab, but, hey Mr. Waiter, you forgot my raclette!


Sherylou, Me, Sheryl, Jen


The Leche Flan Turon a la Mode sounds quite interesting, but Sheryl insists we go back to Bar Dolci because she was being corny last time and didn’t try the gelato.

So here we go, Bar Dolci, a 3rd time!


         Ferrero & Pistachio                     Ferrero & Extra Dark               Strawberry Smoothie & ED


Guess which cup is mine. Smile


2nd’s: 2/F Wumaco Building 1, Quadrant 3, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, Metro Manila. Tel. +632-846-5293

Friday, April 29, 2011

Myron’s Steaks Ribs & Seafood ♥ ♥


We all know what men do on boys nights out. They drink beer, ride a Pegasus and have a good time with their Classmates in Quezon Avenue.

There’s always a happy ending.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ever wonder what goes on during girls night out?


IMG_1812What do these 3 passionate, sexylicious women do when they get together on a Wednesday evening, the big ladies night?




I know I promised to eat salad only, having just arrived from a 12-day Hong Kong eating trip that morning carrying a total of about 10 inches unwanted extension on my face, arms, belly and various body parts, but I am defenseless against the “crusty on the outside, tender on the inside, swimming in its juices, sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Salt” description of “The President” on the menu.

Leslie of Shoot First, Eat Later shows me some moral support by giving the steak a big thumbs up, and Fran of Franny Wanny agrees to share the calories with me. I am so loving my blogger friends!


Medium well is Fran’s. Medium is mine.

Actually, I asked for medium rare, but oh well, I guess I’m getting medium tonight. And boy oh boy, the menu doesn’t lie. My steak tastes like everything the menu promised it would be. I try my very best to go slower, but still I finish my share a whole 10 minutes ahead of Fran.


We also share a bowl of Prawn Bisque which I find pretty okay


and a cup of Myron’s Rice which I find very disappointing.


Creamed Spinach, Fran’s favorite


Leslie, being the most disciplined among us, orders lean steak and vegetables. Except that the meat is a bit overdone, she is quite happy with her healthy plate.


I end the meal with a cup of frothy Mocha Java


Thanks for dinner, Les! Next one’s on me. Smile


Fran and Leslie and our idea of a fun girls night out. It’s a happy, happy ending!


Myron’s Steaks Ribs & Seafood: Ground Floor, The Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati, Philippines. Tel: +632-728-9898, +632-728-5555

Leslie’s post

Fran’s post

Thursday, April 28, 2011

South African Freedom Day Dinner



April 27 is the day after I arrived from my 2-week Scandinavian trip. I feel bloated, swollen and fat. I want to sleep off all the jetlag and calories, but it is also the Freedom Day of South Africa.

On April 27, 1994, the South African nation held its first democratic election in which everyone aged 18 and above from any race group were allowed to vote. Prior to this date, majority of the non-whites had only limited voting rights.

It’s been 17 years since then. Way to go, South Africa!

Now let’s celebrate with some South African food. 


Grand Plaza Ballroom at Sofitel Manila


South African wines to pair with our meal


Bobotie Vol au Vent (spiced minced meat with raisins in puff pastry)


Fish Potjie Pies


Chicken Tagine


Beef Khebab


Vegetable Cutlet


Lamb Carving


Dessert Station: Mocha Cake layered with Cinnamon Crème and Mocha Buttercream,
Maiva Pudding, Koeksister, fruits. There’s vanilla and chocolate ice cream, too.


Appetizers. Or what’s left of it. Sorry, I am busy paparazzing…


The U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, Harry K. Thomas, Jr.


And the entertainment for the night: a dance number by the South African Ambassador herself, Madam Agnes Nyamande-Pitso (that’s her on the right)


And then people start joining in on the fun


And then next thing you know, everybody is dancing on stage.
Well, everybody except me. I’m boring like that.


Even ambassadors from other countries are asked to come up to show their moves


Women ambassadors this time


I have 3 glasses of Amarula, my new favorite drink.
It’s like Baileys, but much better.


I take home some of these Proteas, the national flower of South Africa.
Thank you, Derek!


With South African Ambassador Agnes Nyamande-Pitso and
Jeremy Sy of Asia to Africa Safaris (be adventurous and call him for Safari tours!)


Cheers to Freedom!


South African Embassy in Manila: 29th Floor, Yuchengco Tower, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Tel: +632-889-9383

Asia to Africa Safaris: Email Jeremy at

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila: CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Manila.
Tel: +632-551-5555

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