Thursday, January 13, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, January 3-9, 2011

I need to be inspired.

I need to travel to faraway places, preferably those with castles in them.

I need to make lots of pesoses so I could travel.

I need a good, long laugh that will make my stomach hurt and my eyes tear up.

I need a really good chocolate chip cookie that will erase all of life’s problems.

I need to bake an ube cake and eat all of it, too.

I need to fall in love.




January 3, 11:56am

IMG_4888Pan fried salmon, mustard greens and mushrooms, omelet, stir-fried upo

IMG_4890Apple, pomelo, watermelon, pear


January 3, 6:47pm

IMG_4893Chicken adobo, French beans, rice


January 4, 1:01pm

IMG_4895Besugo fillet, fried chicken, mustard greens, spinach, rice

IMG_4899White fungus and red dates


January 5, 12:41pm

IMG_5074Pork and beans, cauliflower and mushrooms, chayote, spinach, rice

IMG_5076Pomelo, pear, banana, apple


January 5, 7:31pm

IMG_5078Vegetable pancake, bangus belly with onions and peppers, boiled radish, rice


January 6, 1:11pm

IMG_5087Tricolor Fettuccine:  Bolognese, Squid Ink, Carbonara

IMG_5089Pomelo, pear, apple


January 7, 12:44pm

IMG_5325Steamed besugo fillet, sautéed chicken and mushrooms, bokchoy, rice

IMG_5326Pomelo, dragon fruit, apple, custard apple, guava


January 8, 12:42pm

IMG_5336Tilapia fillet, ground pork omelet, okra with squash, upo and carrots

IMG_5337Dragon fruit, pomelo, pear, apple, guava

IMG_5338Sweet potato juice


January 9, 1:42pm

IMG_5429Salmon steak with peppers, chicken with mushrooms, spinach, mustard greens, rice

IMG_5430Banana, pomelo, pear, dragon fruit

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