Monday, January 31, 2011

7 Tribes Village ♥ ♥


After our wilderness adventure at the Mae Taeng Elephant Park, we come to 7 Tribes Village to see the, well, the 7 tribes (duh).




We learn about the lives, customs and traditions of the different hill tribes, namely the Mong, Leesaw, Mian, Akha, Palong, Ekaw, and my favorite of all – Pa-Daung or the Long Neck Karen.


leesaw tribeThis is a pretty Leesaw whose native land is the northwest of Yunnan County. The “Leesu” as they call themselves have settled down in Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.


IMG_6476Jin and Sam Leesu


And then there are the Long Neck Karens. (Yes, I am so engrossed in their abnormally long necks I forget to take photos of other tribe peoples. Sorry.)


long neck karenPa-Daung or Long Neck Karen call themselves “Laekur” and their native land is the Kaya State of Eastern Burma. They love wearing brass rings around their necks, arms and calves.


long neck karenTheir main livelihood: Shawl-ing. Check out the ear hOle.




long neck karenHelp a Long Neck, buy a shawl.


long neck karenStarting them young


IMG_6498This is a traditional tribal home


IMG_6497Walls are made from split bamboo


IMG_6500That’s Sam playing a Long Neck Karen’s wooden guitar


IMG_6489And that’s me playing a Long Neck Karen


P.S. That brass neckpiece is EXTREMELY heavy!!!


7 Tribes Village: Wang Num Yad Resort, 4/2 Village No. 2, Kuet Chang Sub-district, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tel: 083-1540896

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