Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ya Kun Kaya Toast ♥ ♥ ♥

There are only 2 things you come to Funan Mall for. Electronics and kaya toast.


IMG_0009Serving kaya toast since 1944


My plan is to have a cup of kopi and a cup of teh only. After all, it is 20 minutes to dinner time.


IMG_0013Kopi and Teh. Yum and Yum.


IMG_0011But everyone else in the kopitiam is having kaya toasts and I am turning a sick green with envy each passing minute. You can’t see it here, but sandwiched in between the crisp and airy brown toasts is a generous spread of rich coconut jam and nice thick slab of salted butter. Yes, I said slab. 


IMG_0029You MUST dip it in the kopi for that ultimate experience


IMG_0021Because it is still a good 18 minutes before dinner, I order a plate of French Toast, too. 
Turns out to be nothing great. Okay to skip.


IMG_0022Soft-Boiled Eggs – ok lah


Now for the electronics part…

Meet my new Canon baby! Still not a DSLR, but for me, compact is the only way to go.


IMG_1147And meet my take-out kaya toast. Told ya it’s a slab.


Ya Kun Kaya Toast: Funan DigitaLife Mall, 109 North Bridge Road #01-16 Funan Centre, Singapore. Tel: +65 6336 0683

Many outlets nationwide.

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