Friday, December 31, 2010

Sweet Endings at The Soriano Residence

One of my favorite places to raid in the world is my Auntie Baby’s home. While all of the houses out there have a pantry, the Soriano residence, on the other hand, is a pantry with living spaces for people.


IMG_4148Food, food, food! Everywhere you look!


Since I just came from Riley’s christening and a 2-piece-chicken-java-rice-kare-kare-dinuguan-pinakbet lunch at Alex III, today’s raid will be an all-dessert raid.

Happy 1st birthday, Riley! Congrats to the proud parents, Richard and Sherelle!


And the attack begins.

IMG_4088Gigi Gaerlan Custaroon Poppers


IMG_4095Mister & Missus Ice Cream - Matcha Made in Heaven (green tea and red bean),
and Smooth Criminal (peanut butter and jelly). There’s also the Malts in Your Mouth (malted milk) but it’s so good Felisse gives me a small teaspoonful only so sorry, no photo!


IMG_4110Dezato Mochi Ice Cream (Thank you, Hans and Kathy, on behalf of Auntie Baby! Hihihi!)


IMG_4118Pandesal with White Truffle Honey


IMG_4124Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates!!!


IMG_4139Of course, the furry Soriano siblings get their treat, too


IMG_4136It’s a zoo in here! Still missing a few more chihuahuas, a Siberian husky, a couple hedgehogs, and a giant turtle!

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