Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jordan’s Christmassy Birthday

I wish I were born in December, too. Sagittarians (and some Capricorns), they have the funnest birthdays. The city suddenly feels alive with all the beautifully lighted trees, and buildings and posts. Everyone is in a happy and excited mood, a giddy rush all about. Ahhh… there is a mighty feeling of Christmas in the air.


IMG_3078And in the tablecloth, too. Hehehe!


Parties at home are the best. You just have to come down, walk a little, and everything’s there. All the people and the food, spread out in front of you.

IMG_3116The people


IMG_3079The food by Classic Chef


IMG_3085Caesar salad


IMG_3091Shrimp and vegetable tempura




IMG_3101Birthday miswa


IMG_3102Chicken in gravy


IMG_3128Honey pork spareribs


IMG_3104Beef tenderloin


IMG_3127Spaghetti and tomato sauce


IMG_3092Halo-halo station (there’s a crepe station, too)


IMG_3095Almost my turn! Yey!


IMG_3105My appetizer


IMG_3110My main course


IMG_3111And my dessert. Deconstructed halo-halo. Only the ingredients I like.


IMG_3125The celebrant with friends from school


IMG_3130The celebrant with cousins


IMG_3121The celebrant with his cake. I can’t believe he’s already 16!
Advanced Happy Birthday, Jordan!



Classic Chef Catering: 161 D. Tuazon Street, Quezon City, Philippines. Tel: +632-731-2286, +63917-526-5217

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