Tuesday, December 28, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, December 20-26, 2010

Life’s simple pleasures…

IMG_4460A box of Baci!!! One of my favorite chocolates! Thank you, Auntie Cita! Smile


Each piece of this luscious dark chocolate with roasted hazelnut comes with a romantic love note inside. See what I got:


IMG_4467“Jupiter from on high laughs at the perjuries of lovers”


Hmmm… Glad that part of my life is over.

Next note, please!!!


December 20, 11:22am

IMG_3910Dinuguan, pechay, corn and crabmeat stir-fry, snap peas, mushrooms, okra, rice

IMG_3913Pomelo, mango, apple


December 20, 7:06pm

IMG_3914Grilled chicken, chayote, sautéed red and yellow peppers

IMG_3922Chocolate cake. Thanks, Dad! Smile


December 21, 12:53pm

IMG_3926Braised pork knuckles, butter shrimps, boiled Chinese pechay, rice

IMG_3929Red cherries, orange, pomelo, apple


December 22, 10:37am

IMG_4018Melon, persimmon, apple, pomelo, guava


December 23, 9:15am

IMG_4061Chicken pie. Thank you, Lola Be-eng! Smile

IMG_4065Apple, guava, melon, persimmon, orange, pomelo


December 24, 12:21pm

IMG_4210Milkfish belly, fried egg, pumpkin, boiled pea sprouts, rice

IMG_4214White cherries, pomelo, orange, apple, persimmon

IMG_4217Carrot cake. Thanks, Kim! Smile


December 25, 12:36pm

IMG_4308Native chicken soup complete with the works – hearts, gizzards, goji berries

IMG_4309Chico, guava, persimmon, pomelo


December 26, 1:28pm

IMG_4416Herbed sea bass, cauliflower and black fungus, spinach, mushrooms, chayote and shrimps

IMG_4417Persimmon, pomelo, guava

IMG_4419Fresh apple and pear juice

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