Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chesa Bianca ♥ ♥



It isn’t cold or raining, and it definitely isn’t winter here in Manila, but I just want something warm and filling like soup and fondue.

So I go to Chesa Bianca, where the warm, rustic wooden interiors instantly transport me to a lovely cottage in the Swiss Alps. Brrrrr… Oh baby, it’s cold outside.


My soup and fondue:

IMG_1805Barley Soup – Grison style with air dried beef. This is pretty good, but somehow I like 
Old Swiss Inn’s version better.


IMG_1817Genfer Fondue
Traditional fondue with emmental, gruyère and raclette cheese flavoured with morels.
Watch it gurgle.




IMG_1820Rest it on the (cheese?)plate to cool for a bit. 1… 2… 3 seconds and then pop the
cheese-covered bread into your mouth. Please, try not to be too excited. 
Unless you want to end up like me, blisters everywhere on my lips. Ouch.


We have a salad while waiting for the fondue:

IMG_1809Sausage & Cheese Salad – Swiss style sausage salad with Appenzeller cheese.
Nothing special.


And because I am taking this “being in a wooden cottage in the Swiss Alps” thing really seriously, I order this classic Swiss skiers drink for the ultimate experience.


IMG_1823Kafi Schümli Pflümli – Arosa Coffee with Willisauer Pflumli schnapps and whipped cream.
I figure since it has whipped cream in it, it should be delicious, like Bailey’s or Mudslide or Starbucks signature hot chocolate, you know, my kind of drink. But WHOA!!!!! My stomach does a double flip. I am a sissy. I just cannot. (But I love how the spoon is upside down!)


Now watch me ski!


Chesa Bianca: 7431 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City, Philippines.
Tel: +632-815-1359

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