Friday, November 26, 2010

Somboon Seafood ♥


People say it is the best crab curry in Bangkok.

Actually, the restaurant website claims it is the best in all of Asia.

I just love arrogance and self-pimping.

So here I am.


IMG_8173Pictures of famous curry-crab-eating people on display


IMG_8157Fried Curry Crab – at first bite, I thought this tasted really good, but as I work this pile of orange crustacean mess (sans the shells) down my stomach, I begin to feel queasy and dizzy. The curry is not the curry we expect. It is rather sweet, and VERY, VERY oily.
Really, it’s nothing special. That it is the best, sorry, but I beg to disagree.
Puh-leeez, Bangkok can do so much better than this.


IMG_8165Roasted fresh water prawns with glass noodles in hotpot – I guess I don’t need to say what your eyes can see. Eating the prawn is like chewing on eraser, it’s rubbery and flavorless.
The noodles are dry and they taste burnt.


IMG_8167I don’t like to waste food, so here’s my remedy: pour the oily and fatty crab curry onto the dry and smoky vermicelli. Mix and eat. (Did I mention I feel queasy and dizzy?)


IMG_8163Stir fried morning glory with garlic and chili – this is very tasty so, again, I eat it like I never noticed it is drowning in oil.


IMG_8161The waiter pours us some sweet tea to aid digestion. This tastes delicious although I seriously doubt it can help rid us of all that oil.


IMG_8181So this is how I choose to end the greasy and cholesterol-laden meal:
with more fat in the form of Milky Way’s taro milk a few doors down. Yum!


So what? There’s always Lipitor. Bring it on!


Somboon Seafood: 315 Chamchuri Square Building, Room 101-103 Ground floor, Phya Thai Road, Patumwan, Bangkok, Thailand (MRT SamYan Station). Tel: +66 2160 5100

See all branches here.

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