Monday, November 1, 2010

Gloria Maris, CCP Complex ♥

I am trying to eat less now (really, I am!!!), but sometimes, even when you want something really badly, all the universe does NOT conspire in helping you achieve it. Sorry, Paul Coelho, but it’s true.

Like just this October alone, in my mom’s side of the family, we already have 5 birthday celebrants.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

October alone.

That is 5 big dinners AND 4-6 slices of cake per dinner (because in our family, a birthday is not a birthday if there is one cake only).

Tonight Uncle Frank is celebrating his 63rd and here’s what we have, pre-6-slices-of-cake:

IMG_0161Birthday Noodles – tastes okay but noodles are too soft. Overcooked!

IMG_0166Steamed Prawns with Garlic – again, they got the flavor right, but the doneness all wrong.
Prawns are hard and rubbery. Overcooked!

IMG_0163Duck and Jellyfish Salad – it’s supposed to look prettier than this, but the waiter tossed the salad before I could take a photo. This duck-jellyfish-mango-watermelon-cashew-nut combo is not photogenic, but please don’t be put off. This is good stuff.
(And it’s not overcooked!)

IMG_0169Fried Seafood Roll – the one I got doesn’t have any seafood in it, so I’m renaming it
“Fruit Cocktail Roll”

IMG_0174Braised Mushrooms with Sliced Abalone – the usual, no surprises

IMG_0177Fish Maw Soup – good with red vinegar

IMG_0180Fried Pigeon – I think these birds were on a diet for too long . They’re thin, hard and dry.

IMG_0181Steamed Lapu-Lapu with Taoso – again, destroyed deboned by the same waiter before I could take a photo. And again, disastrously overcooked!

IMG_0183Garlic Fried Crabs – and thank God, Gloria Maris finally gets something right. The crabs are meaty, garlicky, arrestingly delicious.

IMG_0187Masachi – I like it better with sesame

IMG_0188Ginataan – so good I help myself to seconds and thirds

IMG_0189Ube Gelatin – sweet and artificial

IMG_0194We like giving the celebrant a hard time... 6 cakes and 70 candles! 

IMG_0196He got all 63 in just two blows! Wow!

IMG_0211Happy birthday, Uncle Frank!!! And yes, the dog is family, too!

Gloria Maris: CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Tel: +632-831-3816
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