Tuesday, September 7, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, August 30–September 5, 2010

I don’t care what you think. I love Tagalog movies.

But only of romance and intense heavy drama. No comedy, no action, and please, no horror.

The harder it makes me cry, the more I love the film.

Sayo Lamang, starring Lorna Tolentino and Christopher de Leon.

It is the best Tagalog movie I have seen in a while.

Please don’t be embarrassed. Watch it. And bring a box of Kleenex.


August 30, 12:56pm

IMG_9143 Teriyaki beef, scallion omelet, tong ho vegetable, rice

IMG_9144 Mango, dragon fruit, pear, apple

IMG_9149 Kesong Puti from Mr. Moo’s


August 31, 1:03pm

IMG_9179Assorted mushrooms and yam, chicken with green pepper, radish, gai lan, rice

IMG_9181 Dragon fruit, kiwi, apple, peach


August 31, 7:21pm

IMG_9183 Sardines and salted egg fry, ground pork with potato and carrots, upo, rice


September 1, 12:10pm

IMG_9186 Braised pork knuckles, chicken in scrambled egg, asparagus spears and rice

IMG_9190 Apple, orange, peach, kiwi, dragon fruit


September 1, 8:16pm

IMG_9192 Mushrooms in egg white, shrimps, tong ho vegetable, rice


September 2, 2:15pm

IMG_9195Prawns, pork with caramelized onions, wild mushrooms and celery,
vegetable omelet and rice

IMG_9197 Kiwi, dragon fruit, pear, banana


September 2, 7:36pm

IMG_9199 Pan fried salmon, garlic mushrooms, sautéed Chinese pechay, red pepper, rice


September 3, 10:00am

IMG_9202 Kuchay-ah from Holland Bakery

IMG_9203Dragon fruit, plum, apple, pear


September 4, 12:58pm

IMG_9250Braised tofu with mushrooms, okra, pechay with crabmeat, adobo fried rice

IMG_9251 Plum, dragon fruit, watermelon


September 5, 10:55am

IMG_9281 Pulled pork bun

IMG_9286Grapes, longan, pear, dragon fruit, mango

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