Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Je Suis Gourmand ♥ ♥


Je Suis Gourmand is my go-to place for lunch in the Fort area. Every time I come here, the waiter hands me the menu and I pretend to read through it, faking interest in trying out new items, and then finally ordering what I’ve been ordering since the very first time I ate here.

My Je Suis Gourmand favorites – foie gras terrine and lamb shank provencal.


IMG_6161 Homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Salad and Toasts – smooth and silky, with the most delicate yet present duck liver flavor that I love. If it were just me, I’d put the whole piece on a toast and nibble away. But the girls might refuse to eat out with me again, so I cut myself a small piece and try my best not to sulk.


IMG_6179Braised Lamb Shank Provencal served with Potato Mushroom Puree – a small nudge from my fork and the meat falls off the bone. The lamb and the sauce are both so rich in flavor they draw little sounds of pleasure from my throat.


Sadly though, the other dishes we have are not so mind-shattering. 

IMG_6163Roasted Smoked Bacon, Roquefort and Walnut Salad with Hard Boiled Egg and Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette – okay, with the exception of this. After all, I like salty-sweet, soft-crunchy things in my mouth.


IMG_6176 Prawn and Mushroom Raviolis with Watercress Butter Sauce – the ravioli skin is thick, dry and hard. The two pieces of prawn horribly overcooked.


IMG_6178Roasted Chilean Sea Bass with Saffron Risotto served with Bone Marrow and Red Wine Butter Sauce – I wish it tasted as delicious as it sounds, but this dish tastes so ordinary it leaves us hanging. Like, is THAT it?


IMG_6183 Gratinated Cassoulet “Gourmand.” Simmered White Beans with Duck Confit, Fresh Pork Sausage and Smoked Bacon – the duck is void of any juiciness and tenderness, it is such a feat to eat.


IMG_6187Homemade Dark Chocolate Ice Cream – thank God they have chocolate, the one thing that can make a bad meal right.


Sherylou, Jen, Me. And Sheryl looking not too happy with the food.


Je Suis Gourmand: G/F, Net One Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Philippines. Tel: +632-815-8801, +632-815-8802

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